Monday, June 23, 2008

Health and Your Handwriting

Did you know that your handwriting can reveal health problems?

Recently, I received a hand-written communication from a 44-year-old man, whose wife is an acquaintance of mine. After reading the letter and seeing his signature, I asked his wife if he had been sick recently. She told me that, except for occasional bouts of asthma, he’s just fine. When I suggested that something might be attacking his nervous system, she told me that his profession often requires him to come into contact with potentially toxic chemicals. I suggested that he do a metal cleanse, a colon cleanse and a liver cleanse to purge the poisons from his system.

Time passed, and some weeks later, I received another note from him. The jagged, chaotic letter forms were still apparent, even though it seemed that he had tried to make his signature “look better”. While he still hadn’t done anything to improve his health, but at least he does have the opportunity to reverse the situation before it gets much worse.

Want to test your handwriting?

Start by writing down a sentence or two out of a newspaper or magazine. Look at your letter forms and words. If your handwriting looks much like a child’s before he/she gets a “steady hand”, you are most likely showing signs of health problems. If you have a sample of your handwriting from a few years ago, do a side-by-side comparison. If your handwriting has gotten worse, weaker or considerably sloppier, see your doctor for a checkup. Medication can also cause your handwriting to deteriorate. Many prescriptions are hard on the body and may cause your handwriting to show signs of health problems.

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handwriting analysis said...

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